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Retreats & Workshops

Retreats and focused workshops are designed to take practitioners on a journey to greater depth and appreciation.

Upcoming Retreats

Yoga Workshops

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Asana Lab

This workshop is designed for yogis wanting to dive deeper into the complete practice of yoga. We begin with a brief Dharma talk (yoga philosophy and how it’s applied to daily living) and pranayama to maximize your experience and create clarity of mind. Focus, fun and dedication drive the asana portion of class. The functional approach to this workshop ensures you a path of opportunity to explore more of the complex poses, and their interesting variations.

Restorative Workshop

Honor your body, mind, and spirit with a restorative yoga class. Restorative poses help us to learn to relax and to rest deeply and completely. During deep relaxation, all of the systems of the body, as well as the mind, are nourished, and this is where healing begins. Just imagine, nearly an hour and a half of deep relaxation!!!

MYO-VIN Workshop

This unique workshop combines a 30-minute vinyasa practice to warm up the body's muscles and fascia, followed by 90 minutes of Myofascial release. We'll explore the commonly tight areas such as the neck & shoulders, low back, and hips. Myofascial release stimulates circulation offering both your body and mind a renewed sense of balance, energy, and vitality.

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