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About Ahna Hoke Yoga & Wellness

We take a functional approach to yoga, where we prioritize what a pose should do over how it looks.

Everyone is unique: with our own skeletal structure, muscular flexibility, emotional response, mental organization and psychological inclination. Our practice should express this individuality. Instead of trying to perform a pose from the outside, copying a shape, we strive to understand what the purpose of the pose is and then adapt its shape to our unique needs and abilities.

At Ahna Hoke Yoga, it is our mission to offer a high quality yoga experience that is inclusive to all. By teaching via the functional approach, the yoga asana practice is accessible to all bodies and not just the typical yoga body.


In addition to individual yoga offerings, we offer classes, workshops and trainings. By offering affordable courses, knowledge is available to as many people as possible and not just the privileged.

Meet the teachers

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Chuck Crosby
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Yvonne Rodriguez

“Yoga teaches that the entirety of what life puts on our path is there for our growth and evolution… to live life skillfully means to allow space for gratitude for everything in life. 

 – Ahna Hoke

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