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50h In-depth Yoga Immersion

A yoga immersion designed for yoga students interested in deepening and developing their practice.

Asana will be a primary focus, exploring the foundations and details of common poses found in nearly every vinyasa class. Inquiry and gained knowledge of each asana’s purpose, and examination of skeletal variations, specific biomechanical and energetic principles, will allow you to access the functionality of each pose. Practicing functionally offers yogis the best possible experience of the physical practice of yoga in an empowered way. You will also increase your scope of knowledge in the areas of pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation and yoga philosophy.


My goal is to provide you with the tools that will take your yoga practice to new levels and that will allow you to become more integrated in mind, body and spirit. The only prerequisite is the desire to mature your practice. All levels of practitioners are welcome.

In this training you will:

  • Learn the empowering and liberating functional approach to yoga asana.  

  • Gain an understanding of energetic alignment principles offering integration allowing for more strength, stability, balance, and freedom in the body. 

  • Learn modifications and variations for poses in order to serve all levels of students and their unique needs. 

  • When, how and why to use props. 

  • Learn basic Sanskrit names of poses. 

  • Exploration of Yoga history and philosophy, including Chakras

  • Study Theory and practice of meditation and pranayama

  • Gain a basic understanding of anatomy (and skeletal variation), physiology and yoga therapeutics.

  • Learn how to structure and sequence a home practice class and how to stay inspired to get on your mat.       


  • At least one year of regular practice or by teacher’s permission.    

  • Enthusiasm and a dedication to learn.

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