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Yoga classes

Yoga is the art of well-being, youthfulness, wisdom, and the integration of body, mind & soul.

Each week carries an inspirational theme woven into a progressive and creative sequence that will enhance your body, mind, and spirit connection leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced. We take a functional approach to yoga, where we prioritize what a pose should do over how it looks.

Class descriptions

Class descriptions

Please note that locations vary and some classes are offered with a virtual and an in-person option. See the class calendar for dates and times.


Level 1/2 Functional Vinyasa

Not necessarily for new students, level ½ classes offer students of all levels the opportunity to return to the foundations of yoga in an energizing and non-competitive environment. These classes emphasize appropriate functionally based pose options designed to give you a sound infrastructure in order to strengthen your practice. Pose variations are offered to keep your body safe and healthy. Demonstrations are given to heighten understanding of asana principles. Pranayama (yogic breathing) techniques and meditation are introduced to enhance the state of well being of your mind. This class is perfect for newer students, for yogis returning to their mat after a break, and for practitioners interested in moving with a bit more grace and ease. Suggested props are 2 blocks and a yoga strap.

Level 2
Level 2/3
Yoga Equipment

Level 2 Functional Vinyasa

My level 2 classes are appropriate for every student, from basic to advanced. Each class offers a different focus, with the intention to simply move and connect in body, mind, and breath. The opportunity to play with a more challenging pose, such as crow or side crow, will be offered, as well as variations and options for all levels of students. Demonstrations, and pranayama, are included where applicable to ensure that each student has a fulfilling experience. Suggested props are 2 blocks, a blanket, and a yoga strap.

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Level 2/3 Functional vinyasa

This class is geared toward practitioners who have a solid foundation and understanding of the asanas. Precise and powerful engagement instructions are combined with anatomical functionality and flowing vinyasa to offer the greatest opportunity for a balanced practice of strength and fluid expansion. Each month has a specific focus as we work to an ‘intermediate/advanced’ asana. Variations are always presented to allow each student to move in harmony with their body’s needs and desires. These classes include demonstration, partner poses on occasion, pranayama and occasionally a bit of chanting. Come with a light heart and the willingness to be challenged and to have FUN. Suggested props are 2 blocks, a blanket, and a yoga strap.

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Replenishing Slow Flow

This class is designed to offer all practitioners an opportunity to slow down on their mat in order to deeply nourish the body, mind and heart. You will be guided through a sequence that will gently target both a strengthening and opening aspect for every part of your body. Class ends with a guided pranayama and/or meditation before final Savasana. Suggested props are 2 blocks, a blanket, and a yoga strap.

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