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300h Yoga Teacher Training

Advanced Functional Yoga Certification

Ahna and Michelle Finch have partnered up to bring you an inspiring and balanced advanced 'functional' yoga training. Our training integrates the two complimentary practices of Yin and Yang (in the form of Vinyasa), the fundamental primary forces of the Universe. Yang is characterized by strength, rhythm, and repetition, Yin by softness, stillness and ease.

​Our curriculum allows you to customize your training path, specializing in either Vinyasa or Yin. A benefit to the practice of yoga is to develop the intuition and the wisdom to know what we need and when we need it. Some people are more drawn to vinyasa, others to yin, but everybody needs a balance of both energies. The practice of yoga asana is simply a stepping stone toward greater harmony. As the mind calms and the body opens, a well of vibrant energy emerges, allowing us to explore our full potential as human beings. 

In this training you will:

  • Learn the empowering and liberating functional approach to yoga asana in great depth, and with clarity and skill.

  • Explore and analyze skeletal variations, which offer extensive insights and an ability to understand why certain poses will never be available for certain bodies, and to truly offer a pose variation that will serve each individual student.

  • Gain an understanding of energetic alignment principles offering integration allowing for more strength, stability, balance, and freedom in the body. 

  • Broaden and expand cue vocabulary to serve energetic engagement.

  • Learn modifications and variations for poses in order to serve all levels of students and their unique needs. 

  • When, how and why to use props from the 'functional' lens to enhance students' experience.

  • Develop intuition and wisdom in order to 'read' the room and customize your plan as needed

  • Extensive study of Tantric yoga philosophy, including how to utilize mantra, mudra, and all Tantric techniques to create a well-balanced and fully integrated practice. 

  • Study Theory and practice of intermediate/advanced of meditation and pranayama, as well as how to create a home practice for enhance health.   

This training is currently on sabbatical. Feel free to message Ahna for details of future 300 hour teacher trainings. 

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