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Partner Yoga & Massage

Saturday, February 17
Invoke Yoga Studio Downtown

Partner Yoga & Massage with Ahna & Chuck

What better way to connect with your partner than doing yoga together?


Bring a loved one to a fun filled, uplifting and invigorating afternoon of partner yoga and massage! As you learn to breathe & flow together on the mat, you'll learn how to find ease and balance in your relationship off the mat. Yoga postures are powerful enough done individually, & something wonderful can happen when you intertwine the movements of two people.


Join Chuck & Ahna as they guide you through movements that connect your bodies & minds. It can be quite a unique experience to bond with another as you move through the dance of yoga.


Ahna is a certified massage therapist and will teach you and your partner massage techniques that you can practice at home with a dining room chair. In this workshop you will deepen your trust, compassion, sensitivity and love for each other, while celebrating and honoring each other's uniqueness.

Join on Saturday, February 17th for Valentine's Day Weekend and enjoy a healthy, playful, and life affirming practice that you can take home and share together.

This workshop is open to all levels of yoga experience and is suitable for all possible combinations of couples; lovers, friends, siblings, family members, etc.


February 17, 2024


Invoke Yoga Studio Downtown

970 Fort Wayne Avenue, Suite C

Indianapolis, IN 46202

What is covered

Partner yoga poses

and massage techniques

Please note this workshop is conducted in partnership with Invoke Yoga Studio. When you click to sign up, you will be redirected to for registration and payment. Scroll down on Invoke's workshop schedule page to find the workshop you are looking for.

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